Are Indian Muslims a threat to Hindus in India?

There are some who go around spreading that Muslims are a threat to Hindus and they want to take over India. What is the truth?

For a moment, leave aside all that you were preached about Muslims and have a look around you. You see a lot of Muslims around you. They are your neighbours, friends, classmates at school and college, colleagues at work or do business with you either as suppliers or customers.

Now, ask yourself: Have you ever been threatened by them? Have they discriminated against you at work or at school or college? Did they stop buying from your shop or supplying to your shop? Did a Muslim doctor stay away from treating you because you are a Hindu? Has any Muslim attacked you because you are a Hindu? Did any Muslim prevent you from going to temple? Did any Muslim force you to eat something? Did any Muslim prevent you from eating something you like?

The honest answers to questions above will be an overwhelming “No”. If the above questions are asked to other Hindus, the answer will be again an overwhelming “No”.

The fact is, every Muslim is either a friend or a neighbour or a colleague to other Hindus and they live in peace and harmony. Where is the question of threat?

Muslims are NOT a threat to Hindus or Hinduism EVEN if they are in majority. Example: Malaysia, a Muslim country has 61.3% Muslims and 6.3% Hindus. Indonesia has 87.2% Muslims and 1.7% Hindus. Muslims & Hindus in Malaysia and Indonesia live in peace and harmony. Some of the world’s most beautiful temples are found in Malaysia and Indonesia.

When Muslims, who live as majority community in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, pose no threat to Hindus or Hinduism, does it make sense to believe that Muslims who live as minority in India (14.2% of population) pose a threat to Hindus (80% of population)?

Let’s not forget that our country’s freedom struggle is filled with incidents that saw thousands of people of all faiths including Hindus and Muslims standing together sacrificing their lives for our nation.

  “A nation that forgets its past has no future”. – Winston Churchill

The air of freedom that we breathe today was made possible through the selfless sacrifices of our forefathers who stood united. The sentiments of “Nationalism” and “Patriotism” UNITED our forefathers who were devout Hindus and Muslims. Why should it be different now?

United we stand, Divided we fall!